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Cycleboard EScooters

Power & Performance

Perfect for your daily commute, after work trail ride, quick errands & so much more. The CycleBoard Rover combines superior steering control with power and durability for the ultimate stand up riding experience. Designed with full suspension and pneumatic tires, the Rover offers a soft and smooth ride that’s perfectly suited for all types of riders, conservative or aggressive. Up to 40 mile range and 27 mph

Evolve ESkateboards


Electric skateboarding is fun, easy to learn and fast growing in popularity around the world. Great for all ages, it only takes 15 minutes to pick up the basics. Evolve is famous for its all-terrain electric skateboards. Grass, gravel, or dirt tracks: tackle any surface with an AT board and your adventures will be limitless. - An all terrain electric skateboard is ideal for beginners due to their forgiving nature.
- All terrain skateboard wheels are the wheel of choice for commuters, explorers and those who love to venture off the beaten path.

I sent my OneWheel XR to WitzWheel with 700 miles on it. It was seriously due for some service and upgrades! WitzWheel upgraded my OneWheel XR with new SKF bearings, a new Flight Fins Whisper Hoosier tire, and a CBXR battery upgrade! SO sick! Having a trusted service to repair and upgrade OneWheels is a huge concern I had. I'm a busy dude that loves to ride and I don't have the time to be a OneWheel service pro. I needed a service provider that I could trust and had widespread support within the OneWheel community. WitzWheel is legit and I highly recommend their services to everyone in the OneWheel community! 

Brian Poley

 I cannot say enough about Witz, his workmanship and his customer service. I have been extremely pleased with the work he did for me on my XR, and his communication throughout the process! Hands down recommend him to anyone, so much that I drive all the way from Myrtle Beach for his services. 

Aaron Lee

I have had two boards at two different occasions get overhauled by Witz @ witzwheel. I’m not well versed in electronics and wanted the work done correctly. Not only was the work done top notch, communicating was on point, pictures of progress,packing/shipping. I couldn’t be happier with the work done and will be sending all my Onewheel work to Ryan, psyched he is in the -0- community!!

Derek Galbraith

Witz came so highly recommended, that I made a 30 mile Onewheel ride just to have work done by him, and it was worth every penny. Aside from that, he’s great to float with. Great service, great person. I recommend him all the time.

Jey Mayberry

I had Witz install extended rails and apply Badgerwheel weather guard to my ride.  Not only that, he furnished me with a 2nd spare motor and swapped out the standard bearings with silky smooth ceramics on both motors!  I was able to ship it to him and receive it back with no hiccups.  Would recommend his services to any and all looking to upgrade, repair, or replace parts.  Not to mention he's proven to be just a solid person in general, after working through everything with him.  Don't hesitate and reach out to him today!

Justin Niles

I consider myself lucky I found Witz early on. A great guy who really knows his stuff. Always on the cutting edge

Frank Affrunti